Portland, OR. j@quintessentiallab.com (503) 545-2354
Portland, OR. j@quintessentiallab.com (503) 545-2354
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J has over 20 years of experience creating premium presentations that combine artful storytelling with inspiring and engaging visuals.

Before founding Quintessential Lab, J worked at Nike and SAS Institute.

At Nike, he designed presentation materials for Nike Board of Directors meetings from 2008 to 2016, and created hundreds of presentations for senior executives, including the President of the company. After moving to Los Angeles, he helped reset the consumer and commercial strategy in the city, providing a blueprint for other cities to follow. When he returned to Portland, he directed all strategy and served as Chief of Staff for the $4 Billion Emerging Markets business.

At SAS Institute, he honed his presentation and communication skills by teaching customers how to best use SAS software. He also wrote a textbook on SAS Programming, and mastered how to analyze and present data.

J is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University, where he earned degrees in both Computer Science and Public Health. He also earned his MBA from Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina.

J is also a “Jeopardy!” champion, appearing on the television game show in November 2018.